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New EP: Tomorrow Never Comes

Meet Tomorrow Never Comes by B and Not B. The third release following their self-titled first album (2010), and follow-up EP Colors, Shapes, and Lines (2012), the San Francisco-based band's latest EP delivers their most layered productions yet. Stacked full of their usual pop goodness, Tomorrow Never Comes dips into the band's more rockin' side, as captured in their fun "guerrilla-rock" video shot at various locations across SF on an unusually sunny day covering Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song.

Tomorrow Never Comes also explores the band's folk and psychedelic interests — all without abandoning their commitment to catchy melodies and dynamic vocal harmonies. With Tomorrow Never Comes, you're never left feeling like you've listened to the same song over and over for 30 minutes — unless, of course, you have!

The EP comes out on December 10, 2013. It will be available through all the usual online channels.

Album Credits

B and Not B features songwriting by David Ricardo (voice, guitar, trumpet, melodica) and Dusty DiMercurio (voice, guitar), with additional instrumentation by Dan Caporale (drums), Brad Robertson (bass, voice), and Jamie Osborne (keys).

All songs were recorded by Jordan Glasgow and Dusty DiMercurio; the album was mixed and produced by Dusty DiMercurio. Cover art created by Micke Tong.

Press Quotes

"... pairing witty lyrics with 60's-inspired pop hooks to keep your head bopping from beginning to end."

"This past Sunday, I sat in a booth at St. Francis Fountain and ate delicious brunch. Too bad I didn't do this on the same day that B and Not B hit up several Mission hotspots to play Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song' from the back of a rented U-Haul van."
Stranger Dance

"B and Not B are like strawberry jam on Nilla wafers...pop-tacular melodies that bring out the sun in the darkest of storms..."
Raul Sanchez, Penny Arcade

"...these guys could sing and most importantly, sing well together. I don't think there's any other thing a band can do that will get my attention more than good vocals. It sounds good, and not an easy thing to do."